Flevo Hospital Almere

In these four  banners  a link is established between the continuous function of a hospital; 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year. Always operational and always activity.
Nature also knows her cycles, divided into the four seasons. Every season, with its own atmosphere, that merges with the next, reinforce each other and need each other to
round the circle/year. In the artwork of  ella  the seasons are represented by flowers; the Christmas rose, tulip,  sunflower  and burr. Because the flowers are painted on transparent film and are hung under the glass roof of the atrium, (sun)light has free play and the work of art has an ever-changing atmosphere. In the evening, the existing lighting provides an ambiance of warmth.

Material and execution:
The material of the banner consists of polycarbonate foil: Lexan ® polycarbonate FR60MC/375 mic crystal clear + flame retardant). The banner consists of 2 equally large polycarbonate foil strips: 1000 mm x 6.50 meters. The foil is painted in mirror style with a rhythm of identical flowers and subsequently joined on top of each other. In this way, the dye layer is protected on the outside. The total coat of paint (acrylic) consists of three to four layers per foil, so that the visible brush strokes are painted away. The flower shapes consisting of eight layers of paint are being reflected as clear shade surfaces reflected on the walls and the (sun)light gets the chance to 'play' with the paint.

Suspension system:
The suspension system of the banner is going to consist of a strip technically anodized aluminum 30 mm high and 3 mm thick; over the entire width of the banner. This is stuck with acrylic tape (24 mm.) on the polycarbonate foil. The two layers, each with a strip are riveted against each other (5 blind rivets per strip). Both under and above. The upper strip set features an extra hole in the middle. A hook has been placed with a ‘vertebra’, so the banner can twist.