Ella likes to paint outside, but she needs her studio for the finalization of her paintings. Lately she paints with oil on canvas.

On transparant material
Ella paints on transparent material. This allows her to not only create with paint, but also with light. By determining the number of layers of paint, ella determines the quantity of light that shines through her art work. Often a painting is designed on a clear transparent plate, but more often the plates are ‘puffed out’ after painting, so the colours become even more lucid. This puffing out, furthermore, creates a great contrast with a flat wall, upon which a painting can be surmounted. In both cases, designs are made as a mirror image on the back end of the plates. These paintings withstand any weather conditions and can be easily cleaned.

The paintings are then hung on remote tubes so that the sun or artificial light gets ‘free play’, which makes the paintings ‘float’ in front of the wall. Some paintings are created with a transparent background, which enables the shapes on the painting to become shadows on the back wall. The further away the painting is placed from the wall, the more distorted the shadow becomes, providing an amazing optical effect.

On canvas (linen or cotton)
On stretched canvases and sometimes on big rolls linen Ella paints with oil-or with acrylic paint. Layer upon layer (and in reverse order than on the transparent) coming here the most colorful paintings. The sketches are usually made in the open air.