The Children's Dentist at Beuningen

Fear can be removed by distraction. The idea behind all the colorful designs is distraction. A non-laden topic; animals, in this case a walrus with large teeth that is in the same
predicament as the young patients. In the designs of Ella the walrus has sick teeth too, it is sad because it has cavities, received teeth brushing lessons, it happy when the dentist
is ready and get the applause when there are no cavities. For the child, this is very recognizable and a good distraction. The chosen designs complement the décor of the
practice with a clear focus on the experiences of children. The treatments take place in peaceful and relaxing surroundings. By this approach ‘De Jeugdtandarts’ has regained the lost trust of the children.

In addition to paintings, coloringbooks and stickers were made of the images. Children are allowed to pick out one after their visit.
In the waiting room one of the images is functionally used as a measuring rod. By standing between the "teeth of the walrus" the child can see how much he or she has

The children's dentis also built a hot air balloon with which promotional activities are held. Ella made two paintings of this initiative.

In auguration of a new practice in Lent, Eella made a large painting with an airplane. Very appropriately this plane, since the complete practice is decorated as an airport, "Airport
waalsprong". A 25 meter long plane has been built. During the opening every guest was allowed to put a signature in the clouds.