Orthodontist St Jago Hoofddorp

Following my visit and our meeting we decided that the most appropriate place for the painting "braces boy" would be the window on the street side of the practice, making the  orthodontic practice clearly recognizable!

I'll be painting a plate of 4mm polycarbonate from the back. This plate fits exactly into the specified window frame . On the upper side in the window is a grille, which I take into consideration in my design. I paint in reverse , so that the coating is protected at the front by the plastic plate . Because the plate is placed in the window frame, the image also needs to be easily recognizable from the outside of the building. This means I design a two-sided painting. One shiny side and one dull side (inside) which will be placed on the glass. The colours I use match the two other paintinings , but are adapted to the practice colours shown on the letterhead. I also take into consideration of the green colour of Groeningen brokerage.

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